Do You Suspect Your OB/GYN Made A Mistake Causing A Birth Defect? What To Do

Having a baby born with a birth defect can be surprising and troubling at first. That is even more the case when you suspect that your OB/GYN physician contributed to the problem through bad advice or some kind of malpractice during your pregnancy or delivery. You might be thinking of taking legal action against them; if so, do these things.

Know Which Situations Could Be Actionable

It's easy to lay blame at the physician's feet for anything that doesn't go as planned. Indeed, bruises and other minor injuries can sometimes happen during childbirth and typically do not meet the level of malpractice or fault on the doctor's part. Before you take action, you'll need to know which birth defects could have been related to the treatment you and your baby received under the doctor's care.

For instance, spina bifida is a health condition that results due to improper sealing of the baby's neural tube; folic acid is thought to reduce the chances of this condition drastically. If your OB/GYN doctor didn't prescribe prenatal vitamins containing folic acid, you may have a case against them. Absence of proper prenatal and postnatal testing and misuse of labor and delivery equipment could also be actionable. Retaining an attorney who practices birth injury law, such as one from Snyder & Wenner, P.C. is critical to understanding whether you should go forward.

Know Time Limits

If you've just delivered your baby and are a new parent, your time is likely to be consumed with your new child. Lack of sleep is common, and you might not have the time or inclination to spend time in an lawyer's office or in court. However, it's vital to realize that you don't have an indefinite time period in which to start legal proceedings; each state dictates a set time limit for birth injury lawsuits. To find out what that is, you can contact a superior court or a lawyer.

Limit Internet Research Time

You might have found out that your doctor could be at fault because of news you've seen or something you read on the internet. You may be now searching the internet for more information, but it's wise to limit the time you spend on the net reading about malpractice. You might get incorrect information from disreputable websites, or you may become even more frightened and angry about your child's birth defect. Instead, bring any concerns about your child's health to their pediatrician, and consult your birth injury lawyer about your specific case.

If you're able to use the advice above, you may find that legal action against your OB/GYN is made easier. Be sure that your time with your lawyer is productive so that you're able to spend most of your time focus on raising your new child.