Proving A Slip And Fall Incident On Your Sidewalk Was Falsified

If you own a home and you are being threatened with a personal injury suit because someone claims they had fallen on your front sidewalk area, you will want to do whatever possible to prove the person is falsifying information to obtain compensation. Some people try making these claims so they can receive benefits through insurance, making the person owning the home have higher rates as a result. Here are some steps you can take in proving someone is making false slip and fall allegations to unethically receive money.

Retain A Personal Injury Attorney Immediately

To stop this type of claim in its tracks, a personal injury lawyer would need to be hired to prove you were not negligent in any way. The attorney will look through similar slip and fall cases people had in the past to decide how to proceed in proving the person made up these allegations in order to get payments. Your attorney will help you retain documentation to prove to your insurance company and court that you are not liable to reimburse the person for their medical expenses.

Seek Any Witnesses To Help Prove Innocence

If someone had seen the person outside of your home when the fake fall occurred, they may have seen something pertinent in proving the fall was not genuine. Perhaps the person was seen before the fall searching for the perfect spot to make their dramatic actions believable. They may have placed something on the walkway to make it appear it was the cause of their tripping motion. They may have also been seen simply lying down for a second before calling out for help. Check with all neighbors to see if there was any suspicious activity in front of your home in the days and hours before the incident. Ask any delivery people or contractors who had been at neighboring homes if they had seen anything as well.

Take Photographs Of Your Walkway In Detail

To help prove your walkway was clear at the time of the fall, take photographs of it from several angles. It is also best to take some close-ups to prove there are no uneven portions. This information will be helpful should the injury claim go into a courtroom session.

Hire A Private Investigator To Prove False Claims

If you are positive your front walk was in no way responsible for someone's fall, consider hiring a private investigation service to help prove the person is not really injured as they say. They will observe the person during their daily routine outside of their home. This may show that they are engaging in activities that would not be possible with the type of injury they claim to have received from their fall. The investigation can be conveyed to your insurance company in an attempt to stop any payments from being made until they can thoroughly evaluate the conditions of the injury. Your attorney would also use this information to stop compensation from being paid until a judge makes a decision about the case.

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