3 Financial Impacts Of A Motorcycle Head Injury

When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, the head is one of the more vulnerable areas for an injury. Along with all of the medical bills associated with the head healing process, there are other financial impacts that this type of injury may have. By working with a motorcycle accident attorney, you can break down these different these different costs and factor them into a potential settlement case for someone who is guilty of causing the accident. Consider the following three financial impacts and ways that they can affect your case.

Job Loss & Missing Work

One of the biggest financial impacts is your job performance and ability to work. As you are healing through a head injury, you may be unable to perform at an optimal level. You may have to miss work or be unable to return to the job all together. If this is the case, then an attorney can help calculate how much income and wages were actually lost. By working through a settlement case, they can help you recoup some of these costs along with any new costs for future job training.

Cognitive Therapy

If your head in injured in a motorcycle accident, then you may have to deal with brain trauma issues. To help cope through changes in the brain and your psychological state, you may have to pay for cognitive therapy sessions. These sessions will evaluate changes in your brain function and ways to help heal through them. The therapy sessions may also focus on new things like fears and anxieties that have grown as a result of the accident. If your insurance does not cover all of these sessions, then an attorney can help make the costs part of the settlement case. If someone is to blame for the car accident, then they should be liable for these costs and an attorney can help seek the reimbursement.

Hair & Head Healing

If you were not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred, then your head may have physical injuries that need special treatments. For example, your head may have scars on it as a result from cuts and scraps during the accident. To help regrow hair in these areas, you may need specific treatments like a hair implant or scalp surgery. All of these costs can quickly add up and become a big part of your settlement case. An attorney can use your medical bills and emotional journey to seek compensation for the hair changes that you have gone through.

Using evidence like receipts and cost estimates are great ways to build your accident case. Consult with an attorney, like those at Palmetto Injury Lawyers, to help gather everything you need to get the settlement that you deserve.