Auto Accident Injury Cases: 7 Ways To Obtain Video Evidence

Proving fault in an auto accident case seems to be a lot easier than it used to thanks in part to the wide expansion of video coverage. If you've been hurt in a car accident, video evidence can go a long way in reaching a settlement and proving your case with attorneys. If you're looking to obtain video evidence for your accident, there are seven useful resources that you and an attorney can look into.

Traffic Cams

One of the first cameras you should look for is a traffic cam. These cameras are placed in heavy traffic areas and are often attach to traffic lights. The cameras provide a great overhead angle that can showcase the exact cause of the accident. When obtaining this footage, your attorney can piece together the accident, determine car speeds, and help prove the other driver's fault.

Local Business Cameras

A number of businesses use exterior cameras for security and surveillance. For angles that look out on the road, you can obtain the footage and see evidence of your accident. Many businesses will offer up this footage for free, but it's up to you and attorney to manually go through it and pinpoint the time of the accident.

ATM Cameras

A number of bank ATMs face the street. If the ATMs were not being used at the time, the surveillance cameras installed on them can be used for valuable footage. It can show different angles of the accident and capture additional details before and after the crash.

Eye-Witness Video Reports

In a matter of seconds, someone can have a phone out and be recording the scene at a crash. These videos can be sent to your attorney for evidence in the case. The footage is often great for showcasing the moments following the accident, including the personal impact it had on you and possibly showcasing some of the injuries in real time. If you cannot find witnesses personally, you can look for these video reports as many news stations accept them from viewers.

Post-Accident News Reports

For major accidents, you may get some official video footage from a newscast. This could be a reporter on the scene or even a traffic helicopter flying overhead. Both sources of video can attribute some evidence to the case. The helicopter camera is great for showing the impact that the car crash had.

Dashboard Cameras

Both law enforcement officials and ordinary cars can be equipped with dashboard cameras. If any of these cameras captured footage, it may be examined for use in your settlement case. These cameras are great for capturing the impact of the car and how bad the accident was.

Public Transportation Cameras

Public vehicles like buses and taxis may be equipped with exterior surveillance cameras. If these vehicles were behind you when the crash occurred, there may be footage that can be used as evidence in the case. An attorney can contact the companies and attempt to gather more information on obtaining the footage.

Sometimes a lot of the footage will end up being a waste of time, but collecting as much evidence as possible is the best way to present your case and get a possible settlement. For more information, consider contacting an auto accident lawyer in your area.