Losing A Spouse Due To A Negligent Physician: What A Lawyer Can Do

Do you feel like your life is over after your spouse passed away while a small surgical procedure was being performed? Unless there is a good medical reason why your spouse's surgical procedure ended in death, it is possible that malpractice was involved in the situation. Discover below the process of working with a medical malpractice lawyer on behalf of your spouse to sue a physician.

What Happens at the Beginning of a Malpractice Case?

The beginning of your case will involve the lawyer asking questions about your spouse's health before the surgical procedure was performed. You must explain any medical conditions that your spouse had, even something like an allergy. The purpose of the consultation is for the lawyer to decide if your case is strong enough to win a malpractice lawsuit. Try not to leave out any details that can make your argument less credible in court if the defense lawyer finds out. The conversation with your lawyer will be held confidential unless you give permission for him or her to use what you said in court.

How will Evidence Be Obtained Against the Physician?

Your lawyer will hire an investigator to find out if there are any other malpractice cases against the physician. What went on in the surgery room on the day of the incident will also be investigated. If there are other victims of the physician's negligence, they will be contacted and asked to be witnesses during court. The lawyer will also research details about every medical condition that your spouse had before surgery, as it is necessary to rule them out as the cause of death. Your lawyer will also obtain your spouse's medical records if you sign a release allowing him or her to.

What will the Compensation in a Medical Malpractice Case Be For?

You will have the right to receive compensation for all of the funeral expenses that you had to pay. Any wages that you lost from taking off work or from your spouse not being able to provide an income will be compensated. Expect to also get paid for seeing a counselor and your mental anguish. The lawyer can also help you recoup medical bills that were paid to the negligent physician. Don't face living without the one you love without making sure he or she gets justice with the help of a medical malpractice lawyer to win a lawsuit. Visit an attorney at http://www.noblelegalservices.com today.