Work To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents With These 3 Tips

Being on the open road in a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience for you to have. However, it is important that you know how you may be able to prevent an accident while out on your bike. Here are some things you can do to prevent a motorcycle accident.

Take Care with Obstacles on the Road

When you hit gravel or small pieces of debris when you are in a car, it isn't too big of a deal. However, when you're flying down the road in a motorcycle, those things may cause you fall over.

To be safe, take care with any obstacles on the road. Don't assume you'll be able to drive over things. Make the choice to drive around debris, even if it seems too small to make a difference. Always keep your fingers near the brakes so that you can slow to a stop if necessary.

Watch What Car Drivers are Doing

As when you drive a car, it's important that you pay attention to other drivers. However, it is even more important to watch out for car drivers when you're on a motorcycle, as some 60% of motorcycle accidents are the fault of a car driver.

Keep some distance between you and any cars on the road, and don't try to weave through slow-moving traffic. Be aware that it can be hard for car drivers to see you and keep your eyes open for any sudden movements.

Wear the Right Things

Because you don't have protections on all sides of your body as you do in a car, your clothing has to help keep you safe when you're riding on your bike. It is critical that you wear the right clothes for protection from the sun and wind, but more than that, you must dress yourself as if you are going to fall down.

You might think that bikers wear steel toe boots and leather gloves to look tough, but the truth is those items provide much needed protection to the feet and hands, respectively. Boots that cover the ankle and are reinforced at the toe ensure that if you topple over, the bones in your feet are not shattered. Gloves work to prevent skin tears, as you are likely to reach out your hands if you fall and rip the skin on your hand. Ensure you are always wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants for more skin protection. It is also smart to wear bright clothing so that people in cars can see you more easily.

Now that you have some ideas for preventing an accident when on your motorcycle, use the information in this article to keep you safe. If you are in an accident in the future, be sure to consult a motorcycle accident attorney who can help you with your options.