Preparing An Auto Accident Lawsuit? 3 Things Many People Forget To Include

When an accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, many people use their legal rights to receive compensation. This is usually a necessity rather than a choice, because of the substantial expenses experienced afterwards. Most lawsuit amounts are factored on medical bills and loss of income, but there are other losses that can be included as well. Here are three expenses that are legally allowed in a personal injury lawsuit that many people neglect to include.  

Damage of Property

Personal property in the vehicle that was destroyed during the accident can be included. In most instances, people will only include high-end electronics, but there are many other items that are frequently damaged that can have a lot of value when totaled together. A designer handbag or a new outfit and shoes that were stained, torn or cut away by paramedics can be worth hundreds of dollars. Even broken or lost jewelry or sunglasses can be included. Make certain to create a complete inventory of everything that was in the vehicle, including in the trunk, in the glove box or elsewhere to be certain nothing is neglected. The lawyer handling the case will review the list to decide what should be added. Save damaged items, or photograph them to document their existence and damage.

Loss of Enjoyment

Loss of income is easy to remember and commonly considered, but loss of enjoyment is also a legally allowed expense to include. A hobbyist who no longer has the ability to do the detail work necessary to continue their craft, a marathon runner with a broken leg or a budding photographer with vision damage, are all examples of people who should consider adding this type of injury to their lawsuit. Evidence of past work or participation in the activity may be needed.

Loss of Consortium

This legal term is usually applied to married couples that are unable to enjoy the same romantic relationship after an accident that they had before. However, it does not technically apply to just those instances. It can also be considered when it relates to parents and children too. A new mother who cannot hold her infant or a father that is injured too severely to see his children graduate or participate in their lives the way he once did also have a good cause for including this into their suit.

There are always restrictions and special conditions when it comes to legal issues. There is also the need for people to have proof of their claims. This is why speaking to a car accident attorney like Finkelstein Joel M immediately after an accident is so important. When the accident is fresh in people's minds, and all the physical evidence is still available, it is much easier to build an effective case. Regardless, knowing what is allowed in this type of lawsuit can help everyone to create a better argument for why they deserve a larger settlement.